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Metro League Diving Bylaws


  • Diver’s age as of May 15th shall determine the age group in which that diver will compete in that summer season.
  • Divers must be in at least two dual meets to compete in league.
  • The top two divers from each age group, at dive finals, go through to State.


  • Degree of Difficulty:
    • All jumps and falls will be given a degree of difficulty of 1.0
  • Approaches:
    • A full back approach, including arm swing and push off, must be used in order for the dive to be considered a back dive.
    • On all approaches and dives, the arms must be above the shoulder, leaving the board in order to be scored.
    • Forward approach must be continuous with no pause more than one second.
    • On forward and back approaches, both feet must leave the board at the same time, or it will be considered a failed dive.
  • Jumps:
    • When performing a forward or back jump, it is permissible to leave the arms above the head.
    • No front falls permitted, only back falls(002)
    • Jumps and falls cannot be awarded anything over a 5.
  • Failed Dives:
    • For feet first entries, the feet must hit the water first, or the dive will be failed.
    • For hands first entries, the hands must hit the water first, or the dive will be failed.
    • On twisting dives, the twist must be initiated in the air after leaving the board, or the dive will be failed.

    • If a diver receives two 0 dives in one meet, this will result in disqualification.
    • At a ¼ over and a ¼ under, it will not be considered as a failed dive, but it will be judges discretion of point deduction.
  • Point Deduction(all of the deductions will happen by the judges, not the scoring table.)
    • Minor breaks in position will be judge’s discretion of point reduction.
    • Major breaks in position will be scored with 2’s.
    • Crow hops will be a two point deduction from the judges.
    • Arm above the head on a feet first entry will be deducted points at the judge’s discretion unless it is a 1.0 dive.
  • Score Cards:
    • The dive number stands, position can be changed on the board, but the lower DD will stand.

Age Group Dual Meets 1.0 Dives Championships 1.0 Dives
8 & Under 3 dives, 2 groups 2 4 dives, 2 groups 2
9-10 4 dives, 2 groups 2 5 dives, 2 groups 2
11-12 5 dives, 3 groups 1 6 dives, 3 groups 2
13-14 6 dives, 4 groups 1 8 dives, 4 groups 1
15-18 6 dives, 4 groups 0 8 dives, 4 groups 0


  • Dual meets: 5-3-1, for 1st, 2nd, 3rd (respectively)

Championships: 16-13-12-11-10-9-7-5-4-3-2-1

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