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Team Handbook

Parent and Swimmer/Diver Expectations


Parents and friends of swimmers and divers must stay off of the pool deck and must not interrupt the coaches while practices or meets are in session. Please allow the coaches to do their job. Interrupting the coaches during practice interferes with their task of observing, instructing, and supervising. Coaching your own child or others is not allowed. Eastmoor maintains a coaching staff that will control the flow of information to your swimmer/diver as needed in your child’s development.

Younger team members will sometimes miss important information that pertains to possible changes in the schedule, therefore, parents are encouraged to accompany younger team members into the pool area before practice and meets. This time will give you a chance to check your mail folder and any new/updated information posted on the bulletin board.

Parents and spectators are expected to behave in a manner that enhances Eastmoor’s reputation as well as the reputation of the Metro Swim League.

Other parent expectations include:

  • Encouraging and being supportive of the swimmers, divers and coaching staff at all times.
  • Volunteering at every home swim meet.
  • Having or instructing their swimmers/divers to be on time to all regularly scheduled practices and meets. Practice start times and meet warm up times are when your swimmers/divers should be entering the water, not entering the grounds.

SWIM TEAM NOTE: Coaches determine the events for each swimmer and who is on relays. Coaches will consider practice attendance when making the line-up for meets, taking into consideration the level of swimmer commitment. Relay line ups may be adjusted if your child is not on time and participating in warm up on meet day. Late swimmers may be scratched from the swim meet and will not be re-entered.


  • Daily Practice- Arrive before posted practice time and be ready to start on time.
  • Enter the water immediately at the coach’s direction.
  • Follow instructions as directed by the coach.
  • Show respect for all other coaches and pool staff as well as other swimmers/divers.
  • During practice sessions, swimmers/divers are never to leave the pool area without the coaches permission
  • Have Fun, Try Your Best, Follow Instructions, Be a Great Sport and Teammate!
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