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Swim Meet FAQs for New Families

What does a typical meet week look like?
Monday morning: Meet RSVP opens (always declare your swimmer, even if they are not attending the meet)

Wednesday at 10am:
Meet RSVP closes

Meet lineup available

Friday morning:
Make coffee! Have your swimmer ready to be in the water at their designated warm-up time (there's are samples).

  • 6:15-6:40am - Group 1 (13 & up)
  • 6:40-6:55am - Group 2 (11-12)
  • 6:55-7:10am - Group 3 (9-10)
  • 7:10-7:20am - Group 4 (8 & under)
  • 7:25am - Team Cheer
  • 7:30am - Meet Starts

What is the order of events?
The meet begins with 400-meter freestyle races followed by medley relays, then individual events, and ends with freestyle relays. Races are organized by age, gender, and stroke (youngest first, girls followed by boys, for each stroke). The full event order is here.

How long does a meet last?
The length of the meet is very dependent on which club we are swimming against. CAC Monaco has a small team, so that meet will run quickly. Virginia Vale and Stapleton have the largest teams, so those meets can go to 1pm or later.

I’ve never been to another club. How do I know where to go?
ou can find all addresses on SwimTopia here. Many of the clubs have small parking lots, so plan to park in the neighborhoods and give yourself time to do so. Also be aware of parking signs, as the large lot by Virginia Vale will tow you in you’re not in a spot designated for the pool.

What do I need to bring?

  • Bring a book, newspaper, etc. for yourself. There is quite a bit of downtime between races. Have your kids bring something to do as well (games, books, friendship bracelet making kits, coloring books, etc.).
  • Bring a folding chair. Most pools have lounge chairs and chair/table set up like Eastmoor, but there might not be any open. It’s always good to have one, just in case. Some pools have very little shade as well, so umbrellas and small pop up tents come in handy.
  • An extra towel is always a good idea. And, on really cold mornings, a sleeping bag is a great way to keep swimmers warm.
  • Food! While there are concessions at each meet, most people pack their own food. These can be long events, so plan to keep yourself (and your swimmer) well fed.

Does my swimmer need to wear a cap?
Yes, all swimmers should wear a cap during their races. If you don’t have one or it rips, just find the Swim Team Coordinator.  She will always have extras.

How will my son/daughter remember what races they’re in?
Write your swimmer's events on his/her arm in sharpie before you leave the house (or do it right when you get to the meet). The link for meet entries is on the front page of SwimTopia. If you have questions about this, any veteran swim family can help you out.

We have a conflict and my kid can no longer swim in their relays. What do I do?
Tell the coaches ASAP if your kid cannot swim the relays that he/she is assigned. Because this is a team event, it can ruin 3 other kids days if you don't notify the coaches in time for your swimmer to be replaced.

Where do I find the results of each race?
Meet results are posted throughout the meet on walls around each pool. Some clubs, like Eastmoor, also use the MeetMobile app which tracks results.  Results will also be posted on SwimTopia.

What are these “qualification times” that everyone is talking about?
Three meets throughout the season (Ken Caryl, A League and State) require qualification times in order to be able to participate in the meet. These meets also run multiple days and have a different event order than a regular dual meet. You’ll see many parents tracking if a swimmer has qualified for one of these meets.

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