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We need parents to help run an efficient Swim & Dive Team program!  During meets, our coaches’ sole focus is on your swimmers and divers. As parents, we run the organizational aspects of these events so that coaches are free to help our children. Volunteering is a requirement of participation on swim or dive team. 

For the 2022 Season, families of swimmers will need to earn 3 volunteer points by working a shift at each of our two dual home meets (morning or afternoon shift) hosted by Eastmoor.

Each volunteer slot per home meet will earn you 1 point toward your 3 point volunteer family requirement.  Your family will have the opportunity to sign up for one shift prior to each home meet.  Your family may not sign up for more than one shift per meet.  If there are available extra shifts for families, we will reopen sign-ups. Shifts are first come, first serve. (If we determine that you are not well-suited for the volunteer role for which you signed up, based on prior meets, we will recommend another job for future shifts.) 

In the event that your family is out of town or you are otherwise unable to work at a particular meet, there are still options for meeting your obligation for that meet provided you have communicated this prior to the completion of meet assignments. These options are: 

- Have both parents work at another meet, if space is available.
- Work two shifts at a single meet, if space is available.
- Have a baby-sitter or relative fill in for you.
- Alternative options must be prearranged.

Once assignments are made, you are responsible for finding a replacement if you have a conflict.  If you signed up for a shift, but are sending someone else in your place, please email the Volunteer Coordinator with the name and contact information of your replacement.  (This includes spouses!)

We absolutely cannot run a meet without parents to volunteer at the meets. Our greatest need is for lane timers and persons in heating, as 26 timers and 10 heaters are needed for each home dual meet! We will contact you via email the day prior to all home meets to inform you of your volunteer assignment.


Three social events are scheduled for the season to which all swimmers and divers are invited.  There will be a season kick off party, a morning breakfast party with team photos, and the end of the season celebration.  Food will be provided for registered swimmers and divers only. We will no longer have families earn "points" by signing up to bring food, paper products etc., but rather we will ask parents to supervise their swimmers, help serve food, and help clean up.  We are relying on our swim team community to help socials run smoothly. 

Volunteer Deposit and Opting Out

All swim and dive families will provide a credit card number for preauthorization of $300.  This serves as either your volunteer deposit. You will only be charged if you do not fulfill the volunteer requirement. If you are opting out or paying to forego the opportunity to volunteer, you must do so at the time of registration for the season, You will be charged $300 at the time of registration.  This allows us to have plenty of funds to pay guards to work unfilled meet shifts if necessary. If your swimmer competes at KC Invite, Stapleton Pentathlon, B League, A League, or State, you will be expected to volunteer at those meets even if you have chosen to pay to opt out of volunteering at home meets.  Just like our socials, we are expecting our Orca swim team community to step up for shifts at these meets if your child is competing. If you are missing one of our two home meets, but have not opted out of volunteering, every effort will be made to provide you a shift to earn your second point late in the season to make up for the missed meet.  The fee will be pro-rated per meet so that you do not lose your entire deposit if you only earn one of the two points by the end of the season ($150 per meet).

The opt out fee does not include dive meets.  All families with divers will be expected to work a single shift at one of our home dives meets of the 2022 season. 

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator if you have questions or concerns. 

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Swim & Dive Meet Volunteer Job Descriptions

Swim Meets:

  • Concessions - The concessions volunteers prepare and sell food to attendees at home meets only. First shift includes set up (arrive by 6:30), and second shift includes clean up.
  • Heating - Heating volunteers are responsible for lining up swimmers for their events and escorting them to the dive blocks for competition.
  • Runners/Hospitality - Take timers sheets to the computer table. Bring water to timers, coaches, officials, etc.
  • Lane Timer - The Lane Timer keeps accurate time of the swimmers in the lane to which they are assigned. Lane Timers also verify that the event card/sheet is correct for their lane, swimmer and event.
  • Meet Announcer - Meet MC including announcing swimmer first call and last call to the heating area, as well as general meet announcements.
  • Ribbons - Ribbons volunteers are responsible for attaching race results stickers to place ribbons and filing the ribbons in the family folders.
  • Swim Meet Set Up - Set up Eastmoor the evening before each home meet. Normally from about 6:30PM until completion. Set up includes flags, tables, chairs, pool ropes, tent, crowd ropes, set-up for electronics, staging all other meet equipment in accessible area. 

Dive Meets:

  • Announcer - Announce diver name, dive,  dive value, and scores.
  • Recorder - Write down scores for the each dive
  • Score Compiler - Add scores for dives

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Swim Team Coordinator:  Lizzie Rockmore lzrockmore@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator:  Cissie Buche cissie.busch@gmail.com

Aquatics Director: Jill Bowman jill.bowman@hotmail.com

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